Here I Am

Behind my beliefs is where I stand
Where the storm blows me is where I land
Being the relief was not planned
Yet here I am

Searching for validity in everyone’s truth
Being a role model for the minority’s youth
Eye for an eye, my teeth for one tooth
And here I am

Working each day as if for sport
Earnings worth a gallon, getting paid a quart
On the government’s covert mission with no abort
Here I am

Accused of not having enough gratitude
For not graciously accepting more attitude
Meanwhile, no one understands the magnitude
That here I am

I love too much or not enough it seems
I’m either perfect or awful, one of the extremes
My heart has played on too many teams
Here I am

I’m waiting for that big exhale
From figuring out the holy grail
Of life’s biggest fairy tale
So here I am

I kneel, bow, meditate and pray
Mulling over what instincts to obey
Patiently waiting for a new day
There I go


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