Not Too Shabby

Good Day Folks,

Man, I am sweating and tired, yet refreshed! I just jumped rope for what seemed like forever and feel like I really got a good work out! I was researching it, and it really is a great exercise. Burns a lot of calories and makes you feel like a kid again.

A strong, tough, wine-drinking kid.jump rope

How was work you ask? Freaking chill. Got my work done and got the hell out of there. Arrived home just in time for a workout and blog. Nothing too crazy happening except the fact that today is turning out to be an exceptional day. That’s the crazy part. Who has good Mondays these days?

No one.

[I need to go to the grocery store and buy more lemons for my lemon water!! Eff!]

The daily struggle hasn’t been too real today. The emotional struggle is still there, but it’s getting better.
I found out I can end my lease early in my apartment complex if I want to just change units, so that’s exciting. Thinking I’ll take her up on that offer and check out what they have available. I do love my loft so maybe I’ll just move to another loft? But the 1+den is promising as well. Weird that the bathroom isn’t in the master bedroom though, it’s connected to the den.

But the price would be well worth that sacrifice so we shall see. We shall see.

I need to go soak in the tub and get my life together. Hollaaaa.

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