I want to sleep. I want to go into a deep sleep and forget about what’s happening right now.

Nothing worse than when the people you care about and sacrificed for end up treating you wrong.
Every day there are things that can bring me down, but I throw on a smile and walk it off. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

But lately, it’s been harder and harder to walk it off with a smile. I guess a person can only take so much, right?
I’m just tired of giving my all and caring so much when it does nothing but hurt me in the end.

People leave. People die. People lie. People steal.People hurt.

And those people say they love me. Of course they do. It’s so clear…
Clear as mud.

Feeling like I need to visit today…
There’s something so calm and soothing about death. There’s no commotion or stress at a graveyard. It feels more peaceful there than my bedroom.

Or maybe take a walk…

I need some normality. Some support instead of resistance. Some understanding instead of rejection. Some empathizing instead of pity.

But as always, I’ll just write my posts, say a little prayer and wait for it to be over.


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