1/17/16 Thoughts

Good morning, punks!

I’m normally not up this early on the weekend, but I’ve kind of gotten used to waking up soon after my boyfriend leaves to work [yea I know that sucks he has to work on Sunday].

Do Yall ever wake up with a song stuck in your head, like EVERY morning? I swear it’s a different random song each day. Today it’s “I believe I can fly” …don’t judge me…

I also think about what I’m going to have for dinner as soon as I eat breakfast haha. I’ll be eating my cereal and wonder what I can make for dinner. Oh, and I got a crock pot! That shit is amazing. I made some chicken and vegetables [you can scroll through my Instagram for a pic probably] and it was oh so delicious. I should put something else in there today. 

Have any good crock pot recipes??


I love this BlackBerry Priv. Been having it since November and it still feels like a brand new phone to me. There are so many cool features and tricks that I’m discovering each day. It also allows me to type like a beast and actually make blog posts more efficiently! All hail to the Priv.

OMG that reminds me of the commercial where the woman is getting ready in the bathroom and her husband is taking a shower. He uses her feminine shower gel not knowing it’s for the vagina! Then he immediately proceeds to do every manly thing he can think of. I died laughing at that!! I’ll post the video on my KPFB Entertainment blog because that is surely entertaining.

Have a nice Sunday.


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