The Cat Trials

Johley. Oh, Johley. What a peculiar creature is she. A feline, unlike most, with a keen sense of sarcasm. At first, I thought she was rebellious. But after much deliberation and trial and error, I realized she was just misunderstood.

Johley  is one of two cats in my possession. Queso is the other. Now, Queso will pee in the litter box per usual. She can even open doors; quite the achiever. Then you have Johley who refuses to use the litter box.

I started locking up Johley and Queso in the cage when I wasn’t able to ‘supervise’ them for a certain period of time so Johley wouldn’t pee everywhere. I know, I know, Queso didn’t cause trouble in that area (although she did cause trouble elsewhere like breaking blinds!), but I locked her up too just to be fair. Johley wouldn’t cry because she was with Queso, so there was some level of comfort during that compromising time of being locked in the cage. I thought when I would let them out that Johley would use the litter box. As you guessed it, she did not, and I encountered many a crisis involving cleaning bottles and piss.

I was so mad; why was she being such a turd?! She would literally piss on something right in front of me!

I realized this wasn’t working recently, so I started only locking up Johley at night. I let her out during the day and she was fine. I thought, “beginner’s luck”. So I did it again, put Johley in the cage, left Queso out. The next day when I let her out, she was fine again. Yesterday I tried something very brave…I LEFT HER OUT ALL DAY!

You know where she pissed?

… the litter box 🙂

I did the same today and was pleased to see the same progress. I feel like a normal person again LOL! We will see how long it lasts, but I have faith in that little cross-eyed goon.

Now if only they could stop scratching things, then it’d be purrrrfect!