Mom’s surgery went good yesterday; double mastectomy. Doctor’s said they couldn’t see any more cancer cells either! Didn’t know she would have to stay overnight, but I guess I should have figured as much. I wanted to stay there with her, but being pregnant and my work life didn’t allow.

Work life.

How the fuck did that stuff get so complicated? I do what I’m supposed AND SOME, yet when I need to be home or be off, it’s like the world is ending and I can’t take some PTO. I always feel a little guilty updating my PTO and letting my boss know. I have days I am allowed to take off, so hell, let me take them! And I shouldn’t be worried about what’s happening at work when a lot more important things are happening to me in my personal life. I feel ashamed and stupid to even “care” so much. It’s not that I care, I just have always been that way. My work ethic. But I have not gotten the same type of courteousness in return, so I’m pretty much like eff it now.

House hunting is going ok. We have a few weeks before we need to be out of this apartment. Hopefully we see some more houses today that we like, make a pick, and boom done!

I should probably get going to work…This baby had me burning up after I got out the shower, so I needed a few moments to relax and chill. Hence the blog post this early in the AM.

Hasta luego



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