Sometimes I feel like I am asking for the world on a platter when I’m really just asking for some common sense.
Thinking I’m a bitch or unreasonable is just your lack of understanding how I arrived to my conclusion.
Not saying that I am always right, but you just don’t make sense.

I sometimes picture the “what ifs and what if nots” and find myself lost in the scenes of a childhood memory.
More often than not, I’m trying to regain the strength to carry on with reality and consciousness.

What did I do?
Did I give up on a dream and settle for a nightmare?
A slow motion theatrical with characters who are unaware?

Forgive me for my forwardness and drastic rationality.
I never really understood the purpose of it all.


Birth Day

Yesterday was my birthday. A whole 25 years old now. 17 weeks preggers. Moving into our house in a week. I’ve got a lot to look forward to!

Been thinking about finding a job where I can just work from home. I’d make less money, but with our 2 incomes, we’d be completely fine. I’d rather spend more time with the baby than spend hours at a place I don’t care for. It’s funny, people have such opposing views on being a stay home mother. For the most part, people can respect a woman who makes the sacrifice to stay at home and take care of the baby.

Besides job soul searching, I’ve been busy getting things in order to move. So crazy that a few weeks ago, we didn’t even know where we were going to go! We had been looking for a bit and the previous house we liked and applied for ended up falling through. So when we found another house we liked that was only on the market for ONE DAY, we immediately applied and the deal was done the next day! I was freaking out up until we got that phone call saying we got the house. What a relief! I took off work the entire week after we move so I can get acquainted with the area, slowly unpack our things, and relax. The most important thing of all is to relax. I’m sure I’ll do some job hunting, too.

Time to do my nails since I’m refraining from going to the nail shop these days…