Agua de Vida

I have to admit…I’m a Fiji lover. And it’s a bit more serious than I thought!

I was at work yesterday, and I was so thirsty. I grabbed my cup and went to get some ice and fill up on some water from the fountain/jug. I got back to my desk and was very excited to down that mess. I took a long swig from my straw and nearly spit it all out on my computer. It tasted like I went outside, grabbed a damn water hose and filled my cup up and perhaps added a few chunks of soil for added flavor.

What the actual fuck.

I was so upset lol and then I thought to myself

Just go buy some bottled water from the vending machine…

Yea that was shortly followed by my realization that they don’t sell FIJI here! I was on the brink of going to the gas station to buy some Fiji water but realized it was about to be my lunch time anyway and waited.

I stopped by the gas station this morning and bought 2 bottles for today. My goodness…el agua de vida


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