My First Coupon Trip

So I’ll make this one a little short, because I have some business to tend to [laying on the couch watching tv and eating popsicles].

Yesterday was my first coupon trip to CVS and Walgreens! I had been wanting to get some use out of coupons for a while, and I finally did it! It wasn’t anything crazy, but I saved a good chunk of dough and got products Johnny and I would actually use.


From Walgreens (bottom)
3 pantene shampoo/conditioner
1 vaseline lotion
1 dawn dish soap
1 crest toothpaste
1 pack qtips (not on sale just needed them lol)
3 mens dove body wash
7 head and shoulders
6 boxes of kleenex
From CVS (top)
2 all detergents
1 soft soap
2 boxes honey bunches
1 crest toothpaste
1 colgate toothpaste
3 pantene shampoo/conditioner
1 box of Puffs
Total= $15
All of the coupons I used were from the Sunday newspaper and digital coupons clipped to my Walgreens card (have to do 2 transactions, 1 for the digital coupons and one for the identical paper coupon). That way, you can use more! It was a lot of work, but I am very very satisfied. Johnny didn’t hear the end of it last night, lol. Now I’ve got to make my mom and sister their little packets so they can get the same deals. Next feat, grocery coupons!

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