Let’s Talk About Nancy

You ever have that one person, that one person who always seems to say the most negative things? About everything?

It’s like damn B, you don’t need to have an ugly ass personality to match your ugly ass face.

Negative Nancy needs a new outlook on life.

I’ve got a half-eaten Nature Valley bar ready to throw at Nancy’s trifling ass head right now! And I was doing so good, yall, about not being this way. I said I wasn’t going to talk shit about people anymore, but daaaaamn Nancy is triflin!

Is it because I’m younger and Nancy is older, already seen the happiest days of her life, peaked in high school (if that), and now dreads waking up to look in the mirror at the reflection of the biggest disappointment she knows?

Like, what!? Haha, I know that was harsh, I was venting. Nancy brings out my asshole tendencies. Everybody has a weakness, I’m still working on mine.

“Please be with me today, Lord, as I walk through the valley of trifling Nancys”

How do you deal with the people who just rub you the wrong way? Do you have to work with them? Are they family?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Nancy

  1. Delete my other comment. Last time I wrote a comment and got an error. I think it was cause you wrote it on your other blog and I need to be logged in. I see you’re on your old one.

    I work in a three man office. Two of us are here. While he was on the phone a call came through saying ANONYMOUS on caller id. I do that bullshit happy intro and get hung up on. Few minutes later this same ANONYMOUS call came through and this time my co-worker wasn’t on the phone and picked it up. It was his fracking girlfriend. I’m sitting here disgusted listening to them compete with soft whispers. When he got off I wanted to say “oh so your anonymous girlfriend hung up in my face cause I wasn’t you, huh?” I know this not really on topic with this post but I bet her name is Nancy. When those Debbie Downers and Negative Nancy’s upset you just think of Happy Happenings like your baby and husband to get back on track.

    1. Lol that would’ve pissed me off as well! It’s just annoying nonsense. Like, call his cell phone or just ask to speak to him instead of hanging up!

      Yea I think about them and listen to NGEN radio to blow off steam

      1. I guess she does it to make it look like he’s working with a customer compared to him using his cellphone. But if it happens again I will just call her out.

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