The Alpha Bet

An anxious and

bitter boy

can’t catch the

darting dollars

effortlessly erupting

five feet from the

Gilmore Girls’

House. He

immediately investigates by imitating

joyously jumping

kangaroos, kicking

like leaping lemurs in

Madagascar. Meanwhile,

Neighbors notice this

open opportunity

passing, prompting

quiet a few questions

regarding the residents on

Sycamore Street in Sydney.

Then through an

unannounced unanimous

vote, the vault’s value

withered in wealth as it withdrew


Yen, yielding

zero Zen.


4 thoughts on “The Alpha Bet

  1. Haha. I was thinking about doing a similar post (today I came up with “Sprinklers squirting on students studying”). I like that you actually told a story within the concept.

      1. I swear that’s how some of my stuff happen too. That Long Hallways post actually came to me while I was listening to Lorde. You know how when you listen to a song and it’s on the part where it’s just the instrumental? Well that’s what I thought.

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