Successful Lunch Break

Currently reading the top book, Year One. Hopefully I’ll knock that out by the weekend to start a new one! Loved Ishmael but want to reread it!

Picked up these puppies on my lunch break with some coworkers. Yuhhhh


8 thoughts on “Successful Lunch Break

      1. To be completely honest I don’t own any of his books. I got introduced to him via Fight Club. The movie had such an impact on me I actually based my whole YouTube channel on the gas station scene with Raymond K Hessul.

      2. also, how do your posts still show up in the feed and you use your .com website? Do you use wordpress for your webhosting also? that may have been my issue, I host with ipage

      3. Nah, I’m strictly on WordPress. I just have the domain without “Wordpress” in it. I thought for a while your posts were showing up? The only issue I saw was I could like them but had to log in within the post to comment on it.

      4. Just gotta get them from here to there. I didn’t have an issue with the other blog. I just hate WordPress made it slightly inconvenient. Plus you had to start all he way over with subs there.

        Just saw your other comment. I started my channel back in 2015. I did 12 videos based off that scene in WordPress where I was playing a character. I actually wrote 24 video scripts and plan on doing 12 more for a finale. Despite me dropping the video on first day Fight Club 2 came out it didn’t get the attention I felt like it deserved. That’s mostly cause of marketing. I made the videos private until I can figure out how to start over on that path. As of now I’m just making random videos I think can pop. Few weeks ago I did a video on Steph Curry and Spongebob. Right now I’m just trying to figure out what I want my channel to be cause what I originally doing wasn’t working (titles, tags, disassociation with Fight Club). I really want to follow the path of Issa Rae.

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