But Like, Why?

Why are there so many people deciding to just pop up and pop off?

My mom sent a message in our fam group text last night –

Let’s pause and acknowledge how amazing family group texts are. Especially mine! We’re weird creatures of life and it’s allll captured in this private little story amongst ourselves!

Anyways, she sends this text and it’s basically a news report of Mr. Jose Gilberto Rodriguez and how he’s going around Houston murdering people.

Yes, M-U-R-D-E-R-I-N-G people.

Like wtf is this guy’s problem? Wasn’t held enough as a child? He killed a woman at a Mattress Firm! Dude, she was trying to find a comfy place to rest her head each night, not picking out a casket. That’s so messed up, it makes me nauseous!

No matter how corrupt and unhappy you are in your life, you should never seek to ratify that by taking someone else’s life. It’s disgusting and pathetic. Someone needs to go take this guy out ASAP.

One of my coworkers is a vet who would love nothing more than to give him ‘due process’ via a bullet to the back of his head. And that’s brave of this man to do it in a place like Texas where he can be shot by a bystander with their license to carry!

We have to protect each other! Let’s get this maniac off our streets please; I got shit I gotta do!

 // UPDATE!! //

Police caught this sadistic MF this morning! 3 Cheers for the po-po. [never thought I’d say that…]


2 thoughts on “But Like, Why?

  1. Haven’t heard anything about this on the news. I’m guessing he hasn’t been caught yet? I read something even crazier on MSN yesterday (about finding this child killer after 30 years). What’s even worse about these situations is how some of these killers will taunt police and the victims family with letters. Why give them life in prison? They should just be tied up in a room and beat by UFC fighters until they die a slow death.

    1. This dude cut off his ankle monitor!!!
      But they JUST caught him this morning; Imma edit my post. My mom text me and my husband called me to tell me. Man that’s some crazy stuff.

      I agree, some people shouldn’t be given the opportunity to wander these streets…

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