6lack Concert – 12.15.2018

One of my best friends told me a few months ago that she got tickets to the 6lack concert: East Atlanta Love Letter.


I hadn’t really listened to his music until she mentioned him, so I downloaded the album on good ol’ Spotify and listened to it. It wasn’t bad! I wasn’t emotionally invested in it, but it wasn’t bad music. Definitely vibing.

I hadn’t listened to the album again until earlier that day of the concert.

So the day finally comes, and we meet up to head to the venue. On the way there, she admits that she listened to some songs earlier in the day and was shocked that she was ever so emotional about it all, haha!

But we both agreed it was still cool music and worth vibing to.

We arrive at the venue and are surprised to get PRIME PARKING. Like, right next to the entrance. Mind you, it’s freaking cold outside and with the wind blowing, ugh. We were dying. 

So up close parking was a huge, shocking win.

We get out of the car to stand in the LONG line and are starting to see a trend of the attendees.


Like not even kidding, some of them brought their moms! We look at each other like “what the actual fuck is going on??”

The line wraps around the block, and as we walk, they just keep getting younger and younger! 

Ok, so earlier, my husband was like “yea baby get them free drinks”! He was encouraging me to not dip into our money and let the strangers do the work; he gets me ♥ 

After seeing the crowd, I immediately thought “There’s no way in hell I’m getting free drinks tonight, no one is of age!” They would literally need to be selling juice boxes and soda tonight! I even FaceTime’d him to prove that these were legit kids here. He was dying of laughter [and probably felt bad].

I realized as we were standing in line that the reason we got such great parking was because no one had a freaking driver license! lol We were laughing so hard, oh my gosh…

I know I’m exaggerating a little bit, but this was some epic stuff happening.

We finally get inside the venue and things are too bad. There were some older people getting drinks from the bar. The line definitely wasn’t long, haha!

We had general admin tickets for the floor, so we wandered around to comfortable spot in the back and sdtarted people watching. These kids wore all kinds of crazy ridiculous stuff that probably cost a lot of money to look stupid. 

It was truly an experience, and I’m glad I got to experience it with her. It turned out to be a fun night, but we definitely learned not to buy tickets on impulse and to research the artist’s demographics beforehand!

♥ // C.S.


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