6 Days To Go

First, Happy Hump Day.

Second, omg only 6 days until Christmas! And guess what?…I’m not anxious!

I mean, I’m ready for my little one to open up her gifts and to give other people the things I got them, but I’m not having any kind of anxiety about shopping or cooking or anything.

I actually finished all major shopping this past Sunday. I don’t think I’ve done that in a while; be ahead of the curve. Now, I’m just mainly looking forward to being off work for a week!

Truly the cause of my latest anxiety is my daughter’s birthday party coming up in January. Not only do I have to go all out for her Trolls theme, but it’s driving me crazy because of the amount of people that will possibly attend. I don’t know if I want to have the party at our house or a place. I don’t want to spend money to rent a place out, but also don’t want everyone to be jammed inside my house.

Now, if I didn’t live in Houston with such schizophrenic weather, I’d be able to tell if we could have it outside. If the weather is nice, people can be inside and outside; perfect! BUT if not, I’m fucked.

So we’ll see?

I’m having shirts made and everything! Can’t wait for my baby gir’s day.

Looking forward to some brown liquor and desserts over the next week. Go finish your shopping so you can sit and sip on something, too. Last minute shopping is for the birds.

Look at me talking shit just because I’m done lol


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