365 DoK: Day 1 & 2

I kind of messed up and decided right before bed to finally write this post, but


As I mentioned before, I’m practicing 365 Days of Kindness (DoK) for 2019. I’m going to try not to be a sourpuss anymore [ha!]

Day 1: We were over at my sister’s house for New Year’s, and I realized that she has her security system and cameras and everything, but no smart home device like Alexa or Google Home. Not that it’s necessary, but I definitely love the ease of asking a multitude of questions and instantly getting an answer. And I just so happen to have this extra Google Home mini laying around, unopened, sooooo. I gave it to her.

Day 2: This one isn’t anything crazy. Just sent my little sister some cash. I could have said no, but I didn’t, so see! Baby steps.

I wonder how hard it’ll be kind on like Day 245. What more is there to do? Haha, I mean I know I don’t have to give something every time, but really. I feel like I’m going to have to create instances of kindness rather than just acting on opportunities. Who knows.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe you’ll pick up on my vibes and do something kind also?

OH and I started using this app called Fabulous, and it really has been fabulous! It’s helping me develop routines/good habits. I’ve been drinking water the first thing when I wake up, and today was the third day.

I freaking had a salad for lunch then came home and worked out! How productive right! We also bought a couch and I got a shnazzy new cute as hell planner. Trying out the Agenda 52 brand. Hobby Lobby didn’t have a great selection of the Happy Planner that I was looking for.

Anywhoozle. Good Night.


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