365 DoK: Day 3

I have to stop doing these late posts 🤦🏾‍♀️

My kind gesture for the day was getting a coworker some chapstick.


She had been searching for the same kind I use – Ecolips Mongongo oil. But when we went to look for it in the store where I got mine, they weren’t there anymore. She had been searching and searching for it, but no luck.

So today I ordered some more for myself and decided to get enough for her, too 💕

Simple but effective. She was very appreciative.

Good night, fools.


4 thoughts on “365 DoK: Day 3

    1. I’m actually really enjoying doing this and it’s only day 4 haha I find myself searching for opportunities to reach out and help. I almost stopped and picked up a man walking in the rain yesterday but had to think twice for my safety. I hated the feeling but didn’t know what to do.

      1. Yes, safety is important especially in today’s world. In situations like that I just pray that they receive the kind of help I couldn’t provide in that moment.

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