365 DoK: Day 9 & 10

Day 9

I was on my way home, after staying a little late at work one day. I was almost home when I saw that traffic was backed up because of a wreck.

Of course cars were trying to get over and merge, and Houston isn’t the greatest at merging. Well, one car was really trying to get over, the right way, blinkers and everything.

So I decided to be nice and let them over since no one else would!

Day 10

Today, I want to recognize my husband for doing something so kind.

I wanted some Snickers ice cream, so he went to Walgreens to grab a box.

When he got home, he told me there was a man with his son, asking someone for money. They could have just said no, but they were rude and obnoxious about it.

Well, the man ended up asking Johnny, as well. Instead of giving the man cash, which he didn’t have any on him, he bought the stuff the man was trying to pay for.

Apple juice and cheezits for his son.

Melted my heart. I’m so happy I married someone who can empathize and give. He helps me be kinder on my meaner days lol

Keep spreading love, y’all.

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