Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Wine

I’m laying in the bed in my full on uncomfortable pregnant mode and recapping my weekend to myself. Everything is good until I start thinking about certain moments at our wine tastings. All in all, I think they were successful launch tastings and am truly grateful that people came out to support us.

But that’s the thing. SUPPORT. People came out to support us, or so some say.

People were really interested in what we had to show them and eager to purchase some wine at the end of the tastings. But you know who wasn’t eager? My family!

Aren’t these the people who are supposed to be your ride or die? Your flesh and blood and blood is thicker than water? Well blood ain’t thicker than wine I found out!

I mean it went from “girl I can’t wait and I’m going to buy some wine” to excuses. My thing is, I don’t care if the did or didn’t purchase. That’s their prerogative and everyone doesn’t have the budget to make something happen right now. I’m fine with that. But what I’m not fine with is the blatant unsupportive attitude. Everything was a joke to them and to keep myself from look bad or embarrassed, I just went along with it.

I just hate being told that someone is going to support me and do all these things and then when it comes down to it, zero follow through.

It’s not the first time, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But it doesn’t bother me any less. Either way, the tastings were still successful, but could have really launched our business if we truly had the full support people yapped about.


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