One of the greatest things I’ve read in a long time…

I have been skipping out on doing my daily bible readings and finally decided to open up the Bible App today. When I tell you it was spot on with my life, it was!

I have been praying about a better career for my husband, being able to get a bigger family car for us, and plenty of other things. All of them have happened or in the process of happening.

Recently, there was something in particular I was praying about, and it seemed like it was about to get set into motion. Then the good ol’ doubt and fear started to set in. I started thinking of all the reasons why it wouldn’t work and why I didn’t deserve it.

I hate when that happens. There’s no reason for me to all of a sudden think that the good stuff won’t happen for me when it’s been happening for a very long time now.

I’ve been through some shit.

Like some really tough shit that you would see in a movie or something.

But I always got back up, strong in my faith and didn’t question it. I didn’t know if things were going to work themselves out, but I was confident I would be ok and had faith.

And here I am, after living through many situations that I know have turned out amazing because of Him, all of a sudden doubting myself??

I’m so glad I read that segment today. It really was something I needed to hear. A great reminder that everything I need Him to do for me through prayer is always a success when I truly believe it will happen.

Maybe you needed to hear it too. God will be there for you and will answer your prayers. It may not be on your time, but it will happen.

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