I Got Wasted The Other Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m not even going to lie, I was messed up. Like bad. I could hardly walk the next day I was so hungover lmao so what had happened was…

I was supposed to go out with some gal pals, but we rescheduled for another day, cool. I was already getting dressed, so I told my hubby “let’s go out”. He didn’t hesitate and got ready right away. Well…

While I was getting ready, I decided to have some of the Mai Tai pre-mixed drinks. These suckers are 12.5% alcohol.

I had 2.

Then my mom came over, the kids got settled, we left for the bar. Luckily we went to a bar that was 2 minutes away (I probably would have thrown up in my car).

While we were there, we had nothing but Green Tea shots and sipped beer. I don’t know exactly how many shots we had, but I don’t think it was excessive. I know I was twerking and dancing all over the place though.

So we leave that bar and hit up a country club right next to it; we walked across the street. We stayed there for maybe 20 minutes and I was like “We gotta go, I’m over it”. It was also my time of the month, so the fatigue was starting to do me nasty. It was late.

We get home and I’m fine until I take off my shoes and start to get ready for bed. I literally just start throwing up! I felt more sick than anything!

Looking back, I think the hookah that we smoked got me like that. It set me over, but had such a delayed effect. Suddenly, AT HOME, I was drunk. I threw up once that night and once again in the morning. The day after was freaking terrible lol I had zero energy!

I finally ate soup around 4pm that day and haven’t had any alcohol since, haha. I finally feel ready to have a glass of wine tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!


By Ashley

I'm a happily married mama out here living my best life. Drinking the best wines, having the greatest time.


  1. I’m going to have to look it up. I’m in Australia and trust me when I say the drinks here ain’t fun. Half the stuff i want to make cocktails I can’t even get here. I mean, they’re just bringing out crazy favored vodka!

    1. Aw man no way! And I’ve always wanted to go to Australia lol just come to Texas, we’ll get you some cocktails you wouldn’t believe

      1. I love Texas. I spent a month there years ago in Fort Worth. I was raised in Canada and have family in the States as well. I have spent a bit of time in MO too cause my mom. We’d go over there for 3 months at a time. So I’m definitely familiar with what that part of the world has to offer which makes Australia not having what I want just a little more upsetting lol.

      2. Ahhh gotcha lol you got a taste of it haha well if you like wine, my wine company just started shipping to Australia lmfao

      3. lol I’m an Independent Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard, so I have my own side business of doing in person and virtual wine tastings and the wine ships to you. People also just order off my site. Yea dude I LOVE wine lol I kick myself for not posting more on my other site, http://www.ashleythewinosaur.com but I will more! You’ve inspired me lol

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