Crazy Stupid Bromance Review

I finally finished Crazy, Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams. It was just as good as the first 2 books! This one was about the love story between Noah and Alexis.

Lyssa writes with such voice in her books; it’s hard not to visualize everything as a movie while you’re reading it. Seriously, from the posture of a person, to the small details of what was in their hand, she nails it all. Narrating the book from an omniscient point of view is genius, and I loved that about the first 2 books.

The book is a mixture of good storyline, action, drama, romance, and comedy. It was really, really hard to put it down after getting about 100 pages in. Not that the first few pages weren’t great, it was just damn near impossible at that point after to stop. I mean, I was taking the book with me to the restroom instead of my cell phone!

The way Lyssa develops each character is both witty and insightful. You connect with the characters through every book, building a deeper longing for them to get a win and learn something from their journeys. This book was nothing short of awesome, and I’d be happy to read it again. I’m looking forward to the fourth book, Isn’t It Bromantic!

By Ashley

I'm a happily married mama out here living my best life. Drinking the best wines, having the greatest time.

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