counter attack

 I fear it may be too late for this, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Someone needs to make a counter attack for “Friday” and make a “Saturday” lol she’s down to #25  on iTunes, so that’s relieving.

go world!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch + whole milk  is so good

PS i have a real website lol for my company. Check it out HERE

yeah I know this post wasn’t really about anything but trust me, it was more necessary than your morning coffee.


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Two Fold

First, I want to share a poem that I love. Memorized it in high school. Absolutely beautiful:

Como Tú

Por Roque Dalton

Yo como tú
amo el amor,
la vida,
el dulce encanto de las cosas
el paisaje celeste de los días de enero.

También mi sangre bulle
y río por los ojos
que han conocido el brote de las lágrimas.
Creo que el mundo es bello,
que la poesía es como el pan,
de todos.

Y que mis venas no terminan en mí,
sino en la sangre unánime
de los que luchan por la vida,
el amor,
las cosas,
el paisaje y el pan,
la poesía de todos.


And so for the second half of this blog, I rant with a single line:

My happiness is no longer a variable factor of your life.

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F*cked Up

It’s a damn shame, all you people buying Rebecca Black’s music. lol! What good does it do for you to have that trash on your iPod? Also, I don’t care if you think I’m being rude or a B, but I’m just saying what everyone else is afraid to say (well not everyone, I’ve seen some hilarious videos on youtube like this one). Beyond that, the fact that she is at the top of the charts is a sad sad story for the world right now. My roommate and I are pissed that this 2 year old girl gets attention for all the wrong reasons. Oh well huh?

Cee Lo Green got a hell of a lot of attention from the song Fuck You but yall really need to check out his other songs. They’re magical. You’ll jizz everywhere.
Hmm what other bullshit is going on in the world? Haha oh! SUPERMOON tomorrow! Scientists going crazy trying to figure out what’s going to happen. I guess we will just have to wait and see! Supposed to be terrible storms and what not. I hope not…All it is is the moon will be the closest it’s ever been to the earth tomorrow. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters are predicted to occur. Like I said, we’ll see…
I’m contemplating whether I should come up with some clever way of ending my posts…
nah, screw it.
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