Bucket List

Here we go! :

1. Finish writing a short story

2. Surf

3. Snowboard

4. Go 24hrs without texting

5. Get 100 followers on my Chocolate Sasquatch blog  THANK YOU!

6. Run a successful music business company

7. Own a Saarloos Wolfhound

8. Visit Australia

9. Significantly help a homeless person

10. Try sushi (oh man …)  it wasn’t that bad!

11. Go camping

12. Go hiking

13. Run a marathon (5K or higher!) Love running these now!

14. Get a viewer from every country on my Chocolate Sasquatch blog (viewed using the WordPress stats)

15. Do yoga every day for two months

16. Release an animal from the zoo

17. Complete Insanity    It was hard but oh so worth it

18. Pray the rosary everyday for at least one month.


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