Summer is here. That means more time with my younger family, ice cream, and movies. It also means time to learn which college friends are going to keep in touch. What a test, what a test. I will do my part... Summer. I freakin love summer. I get to read books for pleasure, not for … Continue reading Summer


Why You Gotta Be Like That

This morning was a bit of an upset. I woke up in time for class and everything, which is rare for 8AM-ers, and moseyed on down to the shuttle stop to take me to class. I didn't wait nearly as long as I normally have to wait for it, so I'm all in a good … Continue reading Why You Gotta Be Like That

78 Days Until Graduation

Had my 8AM sociology class this morning and of course, I gave some input, and of course it was wrong. Well, today I wasn't necessarily wrong, she just didn't want to say I was right. Her response was, I quote "It depends"... -_- Really? Why can't you just say something like "I could see how … Continue reading 78 Days Until Graduation

1 test down, 2 to go. I was completely nervous about this test I had today because it was the first one of the semester and I didn't know how the test would be. EASY PEESY LEMON SQUEEZY But the only thing that makes me flip balls is that since I did think it was … Continue reading

What Am I Doing In College…

Ever ask yourself that sometimes? Haha. If you're not a college student, this post isn't for you (unless you want to see what you'll get yourself into if you decide to conform to the ideals that everyone needs a college degree to be successful).I'm not going to lie, I didn't really have any expectations with … Continue reading What Am I Doing In College…