The Preview App

Where are all my IG feigns?? So you probably are already using a badass app to keep your pics and ideas organized, but in case you aren't: Check out PREVIEW! It's in the App Store, not sure if it's on Android. But it's pretty easy to use and really helpful. You can layout how you … Continue reading The Preview App


32 Weeks Knocked Up

It's that time already - 8 months pregnant today. Can someone please tell me where time has gone?! I remember trying and then taking a million pregnancy tests every day until one finally turned positive! I was so impatient. I was testing before I should have. I'm sure a lot of women can relate. Being … Continue reading 32 Weeks Knocked Up

Float or Stay

A stuck stick in the mud. Willing but unable to move.Watching the other branches sway.Leaves sprouting. Efforts to be excellent.Lost to being the best stuck. Clouds go dark.Branches break and blow away.The sky opens, releases refreshing waves. Stuck no more.Grounded, instead.Loose enough to make a choice.Float or stay. Float or stay.