Too Early

I know I wanted to be at work early today but my goodness. I didn't mean to be an hour early! The hell was I thinking... I guess when they said the time doesn't account for daylight savings, they meant "just bring your ass at the time it has listed" I definitely need some coffee. … Continue reading Too Early



Summer is here. That means more time with my younger family, ice cream, and movies. It also means time to learn which college friends are going to keep in touch. What a test, what a test. I will do my part... Summer. I freakin love summer. I get to read books for pleasure, not for … Continue reading Summer


PokemonDragonball ZZoom - or should I say Zuboom?Keenen and KelPowerpuff girlsHey DougPinky and the BrainGreat times. Great shows. Great childhood.You children with your iPads and nonsense, you should feel sad. But you don't; you don't know what a diluted world you live in. Not saying it's your fault, hell it's our fault. Ya live ya … Continue reading Childhood