Night Murmurs

Over spilling with neglect, wrapped in white gold Mistaken for a fool who's heart has been sold Crying not for the situation but for the moral of the tale No one knows the woes under that veil Keeping secrets of the mind from the lips that can't win Giving up is giving in and by … Continue reading Night Murmurs


Influencer’s Nostalgia

We strive to be such perfect beings Constantly looking but never seeing Convoluted, diluted, polluted Instituted, muted, and rooted How did we get here and where are going Everybody is the captain without knowing Take the perfect picture with the perfect caption A chill day at the beach or something with a little more action … Continue reading Influencer’s Nostalgia

Here I Am

Behind my beliefs is where I stand Where the storm blows me is where I land Being the relief was not planned Yet here I am Searching for validity in everyone's truth Being a role model for the minority's youth Eye for an eye, my teeth for one tooth And here I am Working each day … Continue reading Here I Am

I’m Afraid

Being foolish is knowing all the right answers but choosing the wrong one.Being scared is having the courage to admit you're afraid.Beneath my brown skin lies flesh and boneMy blood runs pure, untainted by hateThrough my eyes, I stand aloneIn this world, country, stateIt frightens me that I am convincedThat truly only through deathWill our … Continue reading I’m Afraid

The Way I Love You

The Way I Love YouHot air balloon with no basketCart with no wheelsComputer with no buttonsSalesman with no dealsTv with no channelsChair with no legsSpoon with no handleCarton with no eggsPencil with no leadOven with no heatCloud with no skyRoad with no streetFalling with no destinationDancing to no songEating with no foodCorrecting what's not wrongWatching … Continue reading The Way I Love You