Premature thoughts provoke inadequate ideas of self-realization and understanding. Becoming well-versed in all tongues of sanity keeps the mind alive and the spirit intact. Knowing that what has already happened determines what will happen next is the beauty and the beast of growth; rooted in history, watered with  knowledge, lighted by innovative ideas and forward … Continue reading Growth


The Artist

Struggling to find himself, alone with his thoughts, he sits by an empty canvas. He grabs the brush and ponders what color to use. What color? Should it be bright and joyous for all the wonderful times he's had in his life? Like the day he got married and the birth of his first child. … Continue reading The Artist

Super Quick Post on Grammar

How the hell do people, CITIZENS OF THE EFFIN US, not know when to use "A" vs "AN"?!I'm not normally a stickler about grammar and whatnot, because we all make mistakes, and hell I know I make tons of them. But this is just sad. It's trending on Twitter! The #WhenISeeAObamaSticker.... AN folks! It should … Continue reading Super Quick Post on Grammar

Movie Madness

Alright, I know I said I was going to post it in a few minutes, but I got distracted. C'mon, don't you know me by now? Hand me a pair of scissors, glue, and glitter and I'll be busy for 2 hours and 37 minutes! Haha!So listen, I'm a bit of a movie fanatic and … Continue reading Movie Madness

Snagged A Degree

That's it everyone! I've officially got a bachelor's degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries! Four long, long years of work and play have finally paid off. It felt so surreal to walk across that stage and be surrounded by my colleagues and peers who too were being rewarded for their success that day. I'm … Continue reading Snagged A Degree