Trust me, you’re not alone.

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Sometimes people like to say, “oh I get it” and “yea girl, I hear you”, but they have no f*ckin idea what they’re talking about. How could they understand when you feel like a complete disappointment because both you and your kids have worn the same clothes for the past 3 days, and you barely… Continue reading Trust me, you’re not alone.


So y’all know I started selling wine and educating people about wine as a side business. It’s been popping since COVID. I’ve been doing online parties or people who never ordered from me before decided to finally order (because they can’t take their ass into a grocery store now to buy wine). I recently did… Continue reading Entitled.

One of the greatest things I’ve read in a long time… I have been skipping out on doing my daily bible readings and finally decided to open up the Bible App today. When I tell you it was spot on with my life, it was! I have been praying about a better career for my husband, being able to get a bigger family car for… Continue reading One of the greatest things I’ve read in a long time…

The Preview App

Where are all my IG feigns?? So you probably are already using a badass app to keep your pics and ideas organized, but in case you aren’t: Check out PREVIEW! It’s in the App Store, not sure if it’s on Android. But it’s pretty easy to use and really helpful. You can layout how you… Continue reading The Preview App

I Have To Remember

After I had my daughter, my perception of myself changed so drastically. I mean, I could walk out the house looking throwed and would still feel like I was the shit. No makeup, crazy clothes, crazy hair. I owned it. But now I find myself spending much more time critiquing and trying to perfect the… Continue reading I Have To Remember

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This is a good thing

Ever feel like you just really don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing anymore? Not in a bad way, but just a “it is what it is” type of way. Like, lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance all the things that I want to do and find myself struggling to… Continue reading This is a good thing

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Float or Stay

A stuck stick in the mud. Willing but unable to move.Watching the other branches sway.Leaves sprouting. Efforts to be excellent.Lost to being the best stuck. Clouds go dark.Branches break and blow away.The sky opens, releases refreshing waves. Stuck no more.Grounded, instead.Loose enough to make a choice.Float or stay. Float or stay.