[Post per request of a very loyal subscriber] Having a baby really starts before conception. Getting mentally (and financially) ready to bring a new soul into this world is a huge deal. Honestly, there is not enough preparing in the world you could do to be "ready" for it, especially your first child. I don't … Continue reading Birth


I Had A Baby

Oh my F*ck, right?! I did it, guys. I gave life. I didn't get to push her out; had to have a c-section. The recovery from that is no joke. But I have a beautiful baby girl who laughs, makes funny faces, and sneezes in my face. I went through some emotional stuff in that … Continue reading I Had A Baby

WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

So yeah, I'm pregnant and engaged...and still working! What does that mean? I pretty much love and hate my life at the same time. I mean, it's not that bad, but it could definitely be better [the work part I mean]. I just do not feel like getting up every morning, drive all the way to work, … Continue reading WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

Mr. Chocolate Sasquatch and Amora

That's right. I'm getting married! Who would have thought?! Ok, I mean, I'm not that awful where no one would want to marry me...but woo! I also found out that I'm having a girl! Baby Amora. I set up an email address for her so her daddy and I can email her pictures, videos, and other … Continue reading Mr. Chocolate Sasquatch and Amora

Birth Day

Yesterday was my birthday. A whole 25 years old now. 17 weeks preggers. Moving into our house in a week. I've got a lot to look forward to! Been thinking about finding a job where I can just work from home. I'd make less money, but with our 2 incomes, we'd be completely fine. I'd … Continue reading Birth Day

Just a Quickie

I have some things in mind that I need to take care of, but I just wanted to throw some things out there for you to mull over until I return... I'm going to have a baby!! We are super excited and have had quite a journey so far. I am 14 weeks preggers today … Continue reading Just a Quickie