Birth Day

Yesterday was my birthday. A whole 25 years old now. 17 weeks preggers. Moving into our house in a week. I've got a lot to look forward to! Been thinking about finding a job where I can just work from home. I'd make less money, but with our 2 incomes, we'd be completely fine. I'd … Continue reading Birth Day



Something good happened today. #HumpDayHappiness After thanking God for the positive news, I reached out to the people who knew this was important to me and let them know. Instead of the celebratory, enthusiastic responses I was hoping for, I got solemn congrats or no reply. No questions about details or what's in store for … Continue reading 7/22

To Reach, To Dream, To Grow

These past couple of weeks, I've realized how important growth is to me. Economically, emotionally, intellectually, physically. I'm working on securing another job due to the lack of growth and sustainability at my current one. I know how to play with the cards that I'm dealt, but I also know when I need to change … Continue reading To Reach, To Dream, To Grow

You’re Not The Shit Nor Do You Know Everything

You want to know what my favorite thing is? And by favorite, I mean I want to cunt punt every human who does this...My favorite thing is when people ask me about school and what I'm majoring in and then ask me what I want to do with my music business degree; I then tell … Continue reading You’re Not The Shit Nor Do You Know Everything