Seek to be unde…

Seek to be understood but always understandSomething so simple yet overlooked. I guess this dumb management class had some positive things to convey after all...


I love looking at people as they walk to their 8AM class. You can see the dread and terror in their face. No one, NO ONE, is smiling; feet are dragged and Starbucks is downed. #College

78 Days Until Graduation

Had my 8AM sociology class this morning and of course, I gave some input, and of course it was wrong. Well, today I wasn't necessarily wrong, she just didn't want to say I was right. Her response was, I quote "It depends"... -_- Really? Why can't you just say something like "I could see how … Continue reading 78 Days Until Graduation

SOC101, maybe not that easy?..

Good morning folks! And above all, HAPPY FREAKIN MONDAYFew updates:I gave up cussing for Lent.It's unreasonably cold in Miami right now (edit: I wrote that earlier this morning, now it is a pleasant breeze)UMiami did their own rendition of the harlem shake: I had to take a humanities elective... I chose Sociology 101. I … Continue reading SOC101, maybe not that easy?..

Late Night Thoughts

hahaha I thought I was done for the day, but wait, I've got some good shit.2 things:1. Why do all the people who park in the handicapped spots park better than those who aren't in handicap spots? LOL I mean seriously, have you looked? Maybe it's just the cars I've happen to see, but man. … Continue reading Late Night Thoughts

Class vs Food

I think we can all agree here: food trumps class.The wonderful world of Tuesdays consists of class from 2 - 6:15 pm and rehearsal from 6:25- 7:40pm. I powered through until about 5 oclock before my stomach punched me in the face. I surrendered and threw up the white flag as I quietly slipped out … Continue reading Class vs Food