Too Early

I know I wanted to be at work early today but my goodness. I didn't mean to be an hour early! The hell was I thinking... I guess when they said the time doesn't account for daylight savings, they meant "just bring your ass at the time it has listed" I definitely need some coffee. … Continue reading Too Early


I love looking at people as they walk to their 8AM class. You can see the dread and terror in their face. No one, NO ONE, is smiling; feet are dragged and Starbucks is downed. #College

Poor Monday, such low self-esteem

It's hard to describe how unhappy I am about tomorrow. It's Monday. No one likes Monday. Must suck to be Monday. Probably has a low self esteem, especially compared to the highly adored Friday!! My favorite day of the week has always been Wednesday. Friday is fun, but it's no different than Saturday or Sunday, … Continue reading Poor Monday, such low self-esteem