Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs

Woops, there goes a drunk phone call to the one who makes my stomach hurt from laughing.A brilliant mistake. Like Sticky Notes. Our mix matched convo like picking a pair of socks in the dark. It's a debacle of humor and gore. No no no, you're not ready!Why is he naked eating chicken wings? Your guess … Continue reading Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs


Relay for Life.

Volunteered at Relay for Life today with Sigma Alpha Iota (the women's music fraternity that I'm in). Had a ton of fun ...and sweets, obviously. Who do you think I am?! haha Our stand started off a bit ratchet, but we got it together and pulled it off. The theme was cities around the country … Continue reading Relay for Life.

1 test down, 2 to go. I was completely nervous about this test I had today because it was the first one of the semester and I didn't know how the test would be. EASY PEESY LEMON SQUEEZY But the only thing that makes me flip balls is that since I did think it was … Continue reading

Class vs Food

I think we can all agree here: food trumps class.The wonderful world of Tuesdays consists of class from 2 - 6:15 pm and rehearsal from 6:25- 7:40pm. I powered through until about 5 oclock before my stomach punched me in the face. I surrendered and threw up the white flag as I quietly slipped out … Continue reading Class vs Food