Take all that y…

Take all that you can carry Give all that you can bear Those left standing Are the ones that truly care


I’d rather be r…

I'd rather be real and be disliked than fake and loved.It's not worth it. Fake friendships and shady MFs belong in movies, not my life, lol. Why do people think I can't tell that they don't actually like me? Social climbers, go F yourself on your flimsy ladder of deceit 😉

This didn’t have a title, but now it does.

You wanna know something sad? I think slowly, day by day, the emotion is getting sucked out of me. Honestly. The other day, something happened, and I thought to myself "you should be sad, you twat". And I wasn't. I think I'm putting up this wall between me and literally everything else. I don't want … Continue reading This didn’t have a title, but now it does.