The Last One

We had been waiting for the day. For today. It finally came and she rang the bell, releasing her, us, from the traps of desperation and sorrow. Cancer did not win today. Cancer. What a jerk. Assassinates the body, fucks your dreams, and gives birth to your fears. But my mom and family persevered through … Continue reading The Last One



I had this long, 5 or 6 paragraph post written and just deleted it all. After reading it, I realized I was reacting to some emotions that I need to just pray about. I am working on building myself to be a better, centered person. To not react to everything and think about it first. … Continue reading 6/28/15


I freaking had a great day. All day I kept repeating "positive things are coming into my life" and what the heck, they did! It was like alllll day something GREAT happened. All I could do was keep thanking God and smiling. I'll give more details later... Do you ever say quirky things to yourself? … Continue reading 4/22/15