Almost paid $299 for a job

Yep, you read it right. Maaaaybe I'm stringing you along, but that's essentially what almost happened! I have LinkedIn like a lot of people, but I hardly use it [like a lot of people]. I was on a massive job hunt and decided to put it to use, as I was serious about finding another … Continue reading Almost paid $299 for a job

Making Money From Home

So, I have a real question. Do any of you make a legit side income from home? I was looking into getting a weekend job, but figure I might as well reach out to all of you and see if you know of any cool programs to make some extra pocket change. By no means … Continue reading Making Money From Home

The Association of Wealth and Ethnicity

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I have my 8AM Sociology class. Somehow, my brain functions during that time, and I absorb some kind of information every once in a while. That then gets my mind going and all these thoughts get jumbled in my head, so I spit them out here (in case you were … Continue reading The Association of Wealth and Ethnicity

That Feel Good Stuff. Oh and Voting

Ever hear one of those songs that just make you happy and want to smile and possibly high-five everyone? That's what Florence + the Machine's song "Never Let Me Go" does for me. It's freaking amazing and I feel so invigorated after listening to it. It's weird but I can admit it. Alicia Keys's "Superwoman" … Continue reading That Feel Good Stuff. Oh and Voting