Movie Madness

Alright, I know I said I was going to post it in a few minutes, but I got distracted. C'mon, don't you know me by now? Hand me a pair of scissors, glue, and glitter and I'll be busy for 2 hours and 37 minutes! Haha!So listen, I'm a bit of a movie fanatic and … Continue reading Movie Madness


Why, Hello There Newcomers!

I've recently decided to post pics I've been taking on my blog along with my usual sasquatchy posts. I'm glad yall have been liking them. Feel free to use them wherever! I only ask for credit, duh. Click through link to my page or something. Whatever blows your skirt.Also, the camera is just a Sony … Continue reading Why, Hello There Newcomers!

All Movie’d Out

Due to tropical storm Issac, I got some extra time to lounge around and watch movies all day. I've seen just about all the movies that I wanted to see. If you've got the time, go see one or two of these (not ranked in any particular order):1. One for the Money - It was … Continue reading All Movie’d Out