6lack Concert – 12.15.2018

One of my best friends told me a few months ago that she got tickets to the 6lack concert: East Atlanta Love Letter. FRIEND DATE! I hadn't really listened to his music until she mentioned him, so I downloaded the album on good ol' Spotify and listened to it. It wasn't bad! I wasn't emotionally … Continue reading 6lack Concert – 12.15.2018

Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

"Sometimes I just turn my music loud. Rollin through your town with my windows down..." https://open.spotify.com/track/56Orv9bRGqgQxtVvkxjVud?si=QSXlwe_QTuLwimK1bicJw Is it too early to blast Jesus music? NAAAAAH! The first time I heard "Catch My Vibe", I had to check what radio station I was listening to. Of course I jam 97.9 and 93.7, but my main squeeze … Continue reading Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

So yeah, I'm pregnant and engaged...and still working! What does that mean? I pretty much love and hate my life at the same time. I mean, it's not that bad, but it could definitely be better [the work part I mean]. I just do not feel like getting up every morning, drive all the way to work, … Continue reading WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs

Woops, there goes a drunk phone call to the one who makes my stomach hurt from laughing.A brilliant mistake. Like Sticky Notes. Our mix matched convo like picking a pair of socks in the dark. It's a debacle of humor and gore. No no no, you're not ready!Why is he naked eating chicken wings? Your guess … Continue reading Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs