6lack Concert – 12.15.2018

One of my best friends told me a few months ago that she got tickets to the 6lack concert: East Atlanta Love Letter. FRIEND DATE! I hadn't really listened to his music until she mentioned him, so I downloaded the album on good ol' Spotify and listened to it. It wasn't bad! I wasn't emotionally … Continue reading 6lack Concert – 12.15.2018


Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

"Sometimes I just turn my music loud. Rollin through your town with my windows down..." https://open.spotify.com/track/56Orv9bRGqgQxtVvkxjVud?si=QSXlwe_QTuLwimK1bicJw Is it too early to blast Jesus music? NAAAAAH! The first time I heard "Catch My Vibe", I had to check what radio station I was listening to. Of course I jam 97.9 and 93.7, but my main squeeze … Continue reading Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

So yeah, I'm pregnant and engaged...and still working! What does that mean? I pretty much love and hate my life at the same time. I mean, it's not that bad, but it could definitely be better [the work part I mean]. I just do not feel like getting up every morning, drive all the way to work, … Continue reading WTF I’ve Been Up To Lately

1/17/16 Thoughts

Good morning, punks! I'm normally not up this early on the weekend, but I've kind of gotten used to waking up soon after my boyfriend leaves to work [yea I know that sucks he has to work on Sunday]. Do Yall ever wake up with a song stuck in your head, like EVERY morning? I … Continue reading 1/17/16 Thoughts

Evening Talk

My ways, my days cool, soft and smooth like the shoreline on the beach where the water depletes and recedes back to the bottomless pit, an abyss, the ocean doo ba doo dah In turn, I yearn hot, rough, and rigid like the ever-burning coals in the fire of my soul the passion is real, … Continue reading Evening Talk

Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs

Woops, there goes a drunk phone call to the one who makes my stomach hurt from laughing.A brilliant mistake. Like Sticky Notes. Our mix matched convo like picking a pair of socks in the dark. It's a debacle of humor and gore. No no no, you're not ready!Why is he naked eating chicken wings? Your guess … Continue reading Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs