All In A Day

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Made a list and I’m checking it twice

Don’t give a fuck if I’m naughty or nice

Dismissing notifications like it’s my job

Rejecting anything that doesn’t make my heart throb

I’ve got some friends and haters around

Some creeps who watch and don’t make a sound

Some judges and council and everything in between

Some who understand exactly what I mean

Flashbacks and memories throughout the day

Remind me to appreciate what’s kept at bay

Waiting and lurking, circling in my head

Like the homeless sharks around cars asking for bread

Survived the unrelenting day yet again

In another 8 hours, the cycle will begin

All in a day, there’s only so much to do

Don’t waste it being anyone other than you


Nothing more bothersome than expressing yourself so clearly that there is no doubt about what you want or need, yet the person on the other end doesn’t oblige and acts clueless.

But are they really clueless? Or just fuckin with you? Or they don’t care?

A “yes” to any of those reasons is a red flag. A sad sad red flag that equates to “what the fuck am I doing here!?”

Why do we persist with mediocre satisfaction and half answered questions? With somewhat broken promises and never learned lessons?

Needing some divine intervention. Some love. Some hope.

Night Murmurs

Over spilling with neglect, wrapped in white gold

Mistaken for a fool who’s heart has been sold

Crying not for the situation but for the moral of the tale

No one knows the woes under that veil

Keeping secrets of the mind from the lips that can’t win

Giving up is giving in and by then it’s become a sin

Screaming for help not once or twice but three

Explaining the vision to those who can’t see

Good turns to great then to hate and sorry and wait

Encouraging a breakthrough moment before it’s all too late

Influencer’s Nostalgia

We strive to be such perfect beings
Constantly looking but never seeing

Convoluted, diluted, polluted
Instituted, muted, and rooted

How did we get here and where are going
Everybody is the captain without knowing

Take the perfect picture with the perfect caption
A chill day at the beach or something with a little more action

Like, like, like and share, share, share
Tag and embed; imposters beware

And I myself am guilty to an extent
But I meant what I said, and I said what I meant


The Alpha Bet

An anxious and

bitter boy

can’t catch the

darting dollars

effortlessly erupting

five feet from the

Gilmore Girls’

House. He

immediately investigates by imitating

joyously jumping

kangaroos, kicking

like leaping lemurs in

Madagascar. Meanwhile,

Neighbors notice this

open opportunity

passing, prompting

quiet a few questions

regarding the residents on

Sycamore Street in Sydney.

Then through an

unannounced unanimous

vote, the vault’s value

withered in wealth as it withdrew


Yen, yielding

zero Zen.

Evening Talk

My ways, my days
cool, soft and smooth
like the shoreline on the beach
where the water depletes
and recedes
back to the bottomless pit, an abyss, the ocean
doo ba doo dah
In turn, I yearn
hot, rough, and rigid
like the ever-burning coals
in the fire of my soul
the passion is real, oh can’t you feel
ba dee ba doo la dah
The night is talking to me
to me, to me, to me
yes, I hear you now
Whisper those sweet sweet words
like muted birds, to not disturb
the grace, the peace, the mood.
Oh night, I hear you now
ba ba bah dee bah dee….

Here I Am

Behind my beliefs is where I stand
Where the storm blows me is where I land
Being the relief was not planned
Yet here I am

Searching for validity in everyone’s truth
Being a role model for the minority’s youth
Eye for an eye, my teeth for one tooth
And here I am

Working each day as if for sport
Earnings worth a gallon, getting paid a quart
On the government’s covert mission with no abort
Here I am

Accused of not having enough gratitude
For not graciously accepting more attitude
Meanwhile, no one understands the magnitude
That here I am

I love too much or not enough it seems
I’m either perfect or awful, one of the extremes
My heart has played on too many teams
Here I am

I’m waiting for that big exhale
From figuring out the holy grail
Of life’s biggest fairy tale
So here I am

I kneel, bow, meditate and pray
Mulling over what instincts to obey
Patiently waiting for a new day
There I go



This is on the last page of the book of the past

This is with the last breath of the unborn child

This is for the first lover to become the last

This is when those dumb moments are worth while

This is how the answers are unknown

This is at the bottom of the peak

This is where everything from nothing is grown

This is about those words not meant to speak

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