Nothing more bothersome than expressing yourself so clearly that there is no doubt about what you want or need, yet the person on the other end doesn’t oblige and acts clueless. But are they really clueless? Or just fuckin with you? Or they don’t care? A “yes” to any of those reasons is a red… Continue reading Rejection

Night Murmurs

Over spilling with neglect, wrapped in white gold Mistaken for a fool who’s heart has been sold Crying not for the situation but for the moral of the tale No one knows the woes under that veil Keeping secrets of the mind from the lips that can’t win Giving up is giving in and by… Continue reading Night Murmurs

Influencer’s Nostalgia

We strive to be such perfect beings Constantly looking but never seeing Convoluted, diluted, polluted Instituted, muted, and rooted How did we get here and where are going Everybody is the captain without knowing Take the perfect picture with the perfect caption A chill day at the beach or something with a little more action… Continue reading Influencer’s Nostalgia

The Alpha Bet

An anxious and bitter boy can’t catch the darting dollars effortlessly erupting five feet from the Gilmore Girls’ House. He immediately investigates by imitating joyously jumping kangaroos, kicking like leaping lemurs in Madagascar. Meanwhile, Neighbors notice this open opportunity passing, prompting quiet a few questions regarding the residents on Sycamore Street in Sydney. Then through… Continue reading The Alpha Bet

Here I Am

Behind my beliefs is where I stand Where the storm blows me is where I land Being the relief was not planned Yet here I am Searching for validity in everyone’s truth Being a role model for the minority’s youth Eye for an eye, my teeth for one tooth And here I am Working each day… Continue reading Here I Am


Undercover optimists knock plainly at my door They ask me what am I willing to die for I form my lips to calmly respond Then I wake from my dream from the world beyond


This is on the last page of the book of the past This is with the last breath of the unborn child This is for the first lover to become the last This is when those dumb moments are worth while This is how the answers are unknown This is at the bottom of the peak… Continue reading Woman