This is on the last page of the book of the past This is with the last breath of the unborn child This is for the first lover to become the last This is when those dumb moments are worth while This is how the answers are unknown This is at the bottom of the peak … Continue reading Woman


some working to commitbarely committed to workingthat's why this world is full of shitobsessed with Miley twerkingThe future's lurkinghiding not behind idolized doorsof manicans and bombshellsprocreating more whoresI'll tell you thisall your words left unspokenI'm choking on gasping fast for air, no one's thereshit, this joke went wrongQuietly but not silentlyI'm working up a master planAll this … Continue reading

Wake Up And Smell The Ashes

I'm no stranger to hard times and tears. We all know this world is full of monsters to motivate our fears. Sometimes I wonder why I fight so hard to be the greatest. When in the end I'm pushed down by some jealous Lowlife racist. I'm not playing the race card or using it as … Continue reading Wake Up And Smell The Ashes

The Picture

You feel the need to be acceptedthough the truth is you're rejected and neglectedYou lie to yourself everydaysaying things are going your wayIs this what you call confidencegiving  yourself honest hintshiding behind musicbecause no one chooses thisand loses this, the bruises persistemotional scars are more physicalless whimsicalYou're really just a monsterthe thought of you haunts … Continue reading The Picture

In View

If I had a chance to tell you I doubt that I would Because almost everything I say Is misunderstood You would think it's a compliment Something with good intent That's the opposite of what I meant You truly are just ignorant Your voice makes me nauseous How does it not bother anyone else I … Continue reading In View