I’m Almost at 100 Rides on Peloton!

Ok, this may not be a big deal to you, but I am absolutely freaking out right now! I have completed 96 rides on my Peloton bike.


When I first started my Peloton journey, I really thought I was going to ride for about 3 months, lose a ton of weight and be done.

That’s not exactly what happened…

It’s been over a year now, and I’ve lost about 23 lbs but gained so much more muscle back. My legs used to be incredibly toned when I was…well…”pre-baby” weight. I lost a lot of muscle mass all around but especially noticed the lack therof in my legs.

Now, I’ve got some definition again! They’re toning up nicely, and my stamina is improving with every ride. I used to only barely be able to get through a 15 minute ride or less. Now I’m signing up for 45 min rides, and not feeling like the world is going to end afterwards.

I’m just so proud of where I’ve come and genuinely looking forward to where I’m going.

If you have a bike or ride, add me on the Peloton app! My username is AshTheWinosaur

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