Information Overload.

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Sometimes I feel like I am just so overwhelmed with information. It’s like every time I get ‘stuck’ or have a hard time with something, I try to find the solution online somewhere. I have a feeling I’m not the only one, but it’s hard to think beyond that. Take sleep training the kids, for… Continue reading Information Overload.

365 DoK: Day 9 & 10

Day 9 I was on my way home, after staying a little late at work one day. I was almost home when I saw that traffic was backed up because of a wreck. Of course cars were trying to get over and merge, and Houston isn’t the greatest at merging. Well, one car was really… Continue reading 365 DoK: Day 9 & 10


Premature thoughts provoke inadequate ideas of self-realization and understanding. Becoming well-versed in all tongues of sanity keeps the mind alive and the spirit intact. Knowing that what has already happened determines what will happen next is the beauty and the beast of growth; rooted in history, watered with  knowledge, lighted by innovative ideas and forward… Continue reading Growth


I used to always think that some of the people I knew were so lucky because they would go out and have fun. I’d see pictures and hear them talk about their crazy nights. I would think they were so cool, lol. But why? Because they were doing what they wanted to do. They had… Continue reading Finally