Information Overload.

Sometimes I feel like I am just so overwhelmed with information. It’s like every time I get ‘stuck’ or have a hard time with something, I try to find the solution online somewhere.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one, but it’s hard to think beyond that.

Take sleep training the kids, for instance. We have had ups and downs with getting the kids to sleep in their own beds. I thought maybe if I bought some magical or perfect item off Amazon that had amazing reviews from other parents who swore by it; that would be the key to keeping them in their beds.

My dumbass failed to even think of my parents and their parents and their parents and so on. They didn’t have any of this shit!

But I bought it anyways. Several things. And at the end of the day, the only thing that proved to work was a combinations of bribes (For my daughter) and being consistent with returning them to their rooms after they’ve come into our room. Eventually they realized that no matter how many times they got up and came to mommy and daddy’s room, they always ended up right back in their room.

It was great, I felt accomplished. But it didn’t last very long, we got tired lol but at least we know what works.

I mean, sure; I still bought them some glow in the dark stars to put on their ceiling to see if that worked, too (jury’s still out).

I just wish I didn’t feel this automatic pull to Googling whatever issue I’m having and use my own creativity first. I used to come up with my own decor inspiriation all the time, but now I’m finding myself installing and uninstalling Pinterest every few days. It’s a tiring cycle I’ll tell you that lol

But even just admitting this is giving me some peace of mind and gaining back a bit of confidence that I kind of know some things and can manage on my own. Sure if I want to learn how to build rocket ships, I’ll watch a YouTube video. I’m just going to be a lot more conscious of what I rely on my on wits for vs the Googs.

All In A Day

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Made a list and I’m checking it twice

Don’t give a fuck if I’m naughty or nice

Dismissing notifications like it’s my job

Rejecting anything that doesn’t make my heart throb

I’ve got some friends and haters around

Some creeps who watch and don’t make a sound

Some judges and council and everything in between

Some who understand exactly what I mean

Flashbacks and memories throughout the day

Remind me to appreciate what’s kept at bay

Waiting and lurking, circling in my head

Like the homeless sharks around cars asking for bread

Survived the unrelenting day yet again

In another 8 hours, the cycle will begin

All in a day, there’s only so much to do

Don’t waste it being anyone other than you

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