Influencer’s Nostalgia

We strive to be such perfect beings Constantly looking but never seeing Convoluted, diluted, polluted Instituted, muted, and rooted How did we get here and where are going Everybody is the captain without knowing Take the perfect picture with the perfect caption A chill day at the beach or something with a little more action … Continue reading Influencer’s Nostalgia


some working to commitbarely committed to workingthat's why this world is full of shitobsessed with Miley twerkingThe future's lurkinghiding not behind idolized doorsof manicans and bombshellsprocreating more whoresI'll tell you thisall your words left unspokenI'm choking on gasping fast for air, no one's thereshit, this joke went wrongQuietly but not silentlyI'm working up a master planAll this … Continue reading

One of those nights

Hmm seems like one of those nights where sleep isn't an option. Reading music blogs and articles. Random comments on posts. Downloading useless apps on my phone. Deleting the apps after realizing they're a waste of space. Charging my phone. Uncharging my phone for fear of overcharging it. Getting a drink. Peeing. Refreshing social media … Continue reading One of those nights