Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs

Woops, there goes a drunk phone call to the one who makes my stomach hurt from laughing.A brilliant mistake. Like Sticky Notes. Our mix matched convo like picking a pair of socks in the dark. It's a debacle of humor and gore. No no no, you're not ready!Why is he naked eating chicken wings? Your guess … Continue reading Chicken Wangs and Naked Thangs


I’d rather be r…

I'd rather be real and be disliked than fake and loved.It's not worth it. Fake friendships and shady MFs belong in movies, not my life, lol. Why do people think I can't tell that they don't actually like me? Social climbers, go F yourself on your flimsy ladder of deceit 😉

Easter & Jerks

Yesterday was Easter! I hope all of you enjoyed huntin for eggs and throwing candy at each other, because that's what my friends and me did (we're kind of normal)!*sigh* "friends". What a weird term, eh? We use it so loosely. Yesterday, while hanging out for Easter, I had one of those "what the eff" … Continue reading Easter & Jerks