This didn’t have a title, but now it does.

You wanna know something sad? I think slowly, day by day, the emotion is getting sucked out of me. Honestly. The other day, something happened, and I thought to myself "you should be sad, you twat". And I wasn't. I think I'm putting up this wall between me and literally everything else. I don't want … Continue reading This didn’t have a title, but now it does.


78 Days Until Graduation

Had my 8AM sociology class this morning and of course, I gave some input, and of course it was wrong. Well, today I wasn't necessarily wrong, she just didn't want to say I was right. Her response was, I quote "It depends"... -_- Really? Why can't you just say something like "I could see how … Continue reading 78 Days Until Graduation

SOC101, maybe not that easy?..

Good morning folks! And above all, HAPPY FREAKIN MONDAYFew updates:I gave up cussing for Lent.It's unreasonably cold in Miami right now (edit: I wrote that earlier this morning, now it is a pleasant breeze)UMiami did their own rendition of the harlem shake: I had to take a humanities elective... I chose Sociology 101. I … Continue reading SOC101, maybe not that easy?..

As I bent down …

As I bent down to turn on the shower, it hit me.No literally, when I raised up, I smashed my head on my cabinet and it hurt like hell.I thought "screw this shower! why am i even in here?! ahhh!!....because I like to smell good" and here I am, clean as a whistle.We take showers … Continue reading As I bent down …