Uh Oh!!

Dear dear followers of Choco Sasquatch,

I have been a dicktwat and haven’t posted in a few days.


I’ve had concerts, papers, and cuntnuggets to deal with, so I apologize. Pleas excuse my verbiage, I’m in a bit of a sassy mood, haha. Not in the “giiirl, you bess shut you uss up!” kind of sass but the “I’m a little girl who throws rocks at you because I like you” sass. Difference.

So, I got rid of my flip phone thanks to mama and have now become an #Instagramwhore. Yes, I am chocolatesasquatch on there as well, so feel free to hop on the squatch train. But um, I’m super frickin tired and will return to blogging tomorrow.

nighty nighty, don’t let the herpes bite.

Helloooo Out of Country People

I hardly check my stats for my blog, but today, I was moved and thought “what the hell, do it”.

So I did. And who the hell are yall in India and Russia viewing my blog?! Lol I LOVE IT! So I just wanted to take the time out to say a warm hello to yall. Thanks for reading my weirdness 😉



We’ve got Austria and Canada, too now!


Nigeria (wow, really?!), Philippines, and Chile in the house!!

A Quick Thank You

I’ve been blogging since the Xanga and Myspace days, but never have I actually experienced the value of sharing thoughts with others, receiving feedback, and being a part of an online community of people who do the same. For once, I feel like there are at least a few people out there who read this thing and even respond! It’s a weird accomplished feeling that I now know thanks to you.

Yea, you. This aint a joke (though it is April Fools Day)!

But seriously, thanks for just having nothing better to do than have a lookypoo at my blog.
I appreciate it.

Happy Belated Easter.
Post about that coming soon…