It’s been a day.

It's been a day. Conversations put on the back-burner to like and comment instead. It's too much to ask for a text reply to your expression of love. It's been a day. Watching someone else take the victory over you, the once queen of the hive now turned worker bee. It's been a day. Physically … Continue reading It’s been a day.



Nothing more bothersome than expressing yourself so clearly that there is no doubt about what you want or need, yet the person on the other end doesn't oblige and acts clueless. But are they really clueless? Or just fuckin with you? Or they don't care? A "yes" to any of those reasons is a red … Continue reading Rejection

The Alpha Bet

An anxious and bitter boy can't catch the darting dollars effortlessly erupting five feet from the Gilmore Girls' House. He immediately investigates by imitating joyously jumping kangaroos, kicking like leaping lemurs in Madagascar. Meanwhile, Neighbors notice this open opportunity passing, prompting quiet a few questions regarding the residents on Sycamore Street in Sydney. Then through … Continue reading The Alpha Bet

The Story About Love

Short stories. I like them. Quick and easy reads. Better yet, I think I'm going to write them. I have too many thoughts and ideas in my mind to keep them trapped. Maybe if I let some of them out from time to time, I'll have room for more?! Check out The Story About Love … Continue reading The Story About Love