Float or Stay

A stuck stick in the mud.
Willing but unable to move.
Watching the other branches sway.
Leaves sprouting.

Efforts to be excellent.
Lost to being the best stuck.

Clouds go dark.
Branches break and blow away.
The sky opens, releases refreshing waves.

Stuck no more.
Grounded, instead.
Loose enough to make a choice.
Float or stay.

Float or stay.

Express. Yourself.

Expressing yourself can be hard as fuck sometimes. Especially when you don’t have something necessarily good to say.

But in hindsight, it’s better to at least try. Though the convo may not play out as you thought/planned, hell at least you tried. At least you put forth the effort to let the other person know what was on your mind, on your heart.

And if they can’t appreciate the value in that, then there’s something wrong with them, not you.

Communication is so important on every level of life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fact that someone is saying something ‘negative’ and we forget to even just appreciate the fact that they’re expressing themselves. Allowing themselves to express how they feel.

And don’t let the fact that previous conversations turned into arguments keep you from listening to them.

Listen to respond, not to react.

I believe people can change, for good or bad, but they can change. So every conversation isn’t going to be like the one before. You or they don’t always have to be the villain in the situation. Maybe they fuckin figured it out and actually just want to tell you something that’s concerning them. They felt safe enough to tell you, so respect that and embrace the connection rather than whatever ‘negativity‘ you feel coming from it. Don’t get upset, just connect and understand them.

Express yourself.
Embrace change.
Believe in love.

It’s been a day.

It’s been a day.

Conversations put on the back-burner to like and comment instead. It’s too much to ask for a text reply to your expression of love.

It’s been a day.

Watching someone else take the victory over you, the once queen of the hive now turned worker bee.

It’s been a day.

Physically feeling your mental disturbance; life’s nausea has you in a choke hold, fighting to breathe.

It’s been a day.


Nothing more bothersome than expressing yourself so clearly that there is no doubt about what you want or need, yet the person on the other end doesn’t oblige and acts clueless.

But are they really clueless? Or just fuckin with you? Or they don’t care?

A “yes” to any of those reasons is a red flag. A sad sad red flag that equates to “what the fuck am I doing here!?”

Why do we persist with mediocre satisfaction and half answered questions? With somewhat broken promises and never learned lessons?

Needing some divine intervention. Some love. Some hope.

The Alpha Bet

An anxious and

bitter boy

can’t catch the

darting dollars

effortlessly erupting

five feet from the

Gilmore Girls’

House. He

immediately investigates by imitating

joyously jumping

kangaroos, kicking

like leaping lemurs in

Madagascar. Meanwhile,

Neighbors notice this

open opportunity

passing, prompting

quiet a few questions

regarding the residents on

Sycamore Street in Sydney.

Then through an

unannounced unanimous

vote, the vault’s value

withered in wealth as it withdrew


Yen, yielding

zero Zen.